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How To: Budgeting for Health Care

I wanted to share about something different today because while I love fashion and beauty, I still need to learn about other things that are important in life, such as financial planning and health insurance. Fortunately, I am healthy and I haven’t had to figure out how I would pay for an emergency.  I fully admit that I haven’t put aside money for an illness, and I have very little money in savings. I am still a full-time student, and I’m constantly aware of the amount of money I have invested into my education.  I am so excited to graduate this year, and hopefully, by that time, I will be ready to budget for any illnesses or injuries.

Running in Heels

Graduation Hats

According to a study based on the Aflac WorkForces Report, “72% of young workers at least somewhat agree they regularly underestimate the total cost of an injury or illness, including medical, household and out-of-pocket expenses.” Isn’t that surprising? Also, I recently learned that if you can’t pay unexpected medical bills, that could affect your creditworthiness, especially if you already have student loans. Even just missing one payment can affect your credit score, making it harder to buy a car or rent an apartment! Now that I have read about this, I’m definitely going to start saving some money for my health when I get a job. Click here if you’re interested in reading more statistics about financial planning.

I think it’s so important to consider health care expenses when you are making a financial plan. However, most importantly, I’ve realized that I need to read the fine print in the future! Apparently, nearly half of millenials admit they spent 30 minutes or less preparing for and selecting their benefits choices in 2013. It seems like if I take the time to read through all of the benefits choices and researching about them, I will be able to select a better plan that will prepare me for any future health issues. Aflac is a company that provides individual and group insurance products to supplement major health insurance plans. Their insurance policies help people focus on recovering from their health issue and relieve them of having to worry about paying their medical bill. They have cash benefits that can be used to pay for serious health problems, rent, groceries, and more.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you were able to learn something along with me!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

I Run to End Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer's Association

I used to try to keep my personal life completely separate from my blog, but now I find myself dying to share more details about myself with you, my lovely readers. It’s hard to continue the separation because I get involved with you through social media and your comments. I enjoy learning about you, and in appreciation of your openness, I would like to give you a little bit more of me.

Alzheimer's Association

This year, for the first time, I will be participating in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Run to Remember. Alzheimer’s Disease is an illness that not only destroys an individual’s memories but also hurts physically and emotionally. I will always remember how frustrated an individual suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can feel because he knows that he no longer has specific memories. His struggle to remember his daughter was so painful to watch, and I saw how his daughter quickly hid the flash of pain that crossed her face when he finally admitted that he couldn’t remember her. For the friends and family of someone with Alzheimer’s, the disease progresses all too rapidly because they struggle alongside that individual every day as he tries to maintain functions of daily living.

Right now, for people suffering from Alzheimer’s, they have no control.  They cannot make new memories, and they often miss important events in the lives of their friends and family.  This disease frequently leaves people feeling discouraged and helpless because it is a tremendous struggle to even slow its progression.  To give people a chance to fight back, we need more understanding and more research.  We need to find a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, and that is why I’m raising funds to support the Alzheimer’s Association. The Alzheimer’s Association is dedicated to supporting excellent research with the ultimate goal of finding a way to treat, prevent, and cure the disease. The Association also works tirelessly to offer care, support, education, and resources to the millions already affected by this disease.

I’ve always believed in supporting the race to find a cure for Alzheimer’s, but I was never directly involved in it before.  This is my year to take that first step towards making a difference, and I hope that you will join me in this adventure! I am determined to fight against this disease by running with the Run to Remember team. I truly think every little bit helps, whether it is a monetary donation to support Alzheimer’s research or volunteering to help the elderly exercise their minds.

If you’re interested in supporting me as I run to help others, please go here to make a donation.  Words can’t even describe how much I would appreciate your support for this cause.

Thank you all for inspiring me to try new things, to take chances, and to believe that anything can be accomplished with hard work and dedication.

Love you!!

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Nine West + InStyle Fall 2014 Collection

Nine West Instyle 9

I was so honored to be invited by Nine West and InStyle to celebrate with them the launch of their fall collection. I had a great time browsing their latest choices with my friend, and the staff were so helpful! The Tessa Pointed Toe Pumps look so sophisticated and classy with their deceptively simple cut. And, have you seen how adorable the Ella Open Toe Sandals are? I tried on a number of different shoes, but I especially loved the Cate Pointed Toe Pumps and the Jaiden Pointed Toe Booties. The suede they chose for these shoes feels so soft and high-quality.

Nine West Instyle 8

Nine West Instyle 9

Nine West Instyle 5

Nine West Instyle 7

They even spoiled us with delicious cupcakes adorned with a touch of glam!

Nine West Instyle 3

I really did try to resist the temptation of buying anything, but I couldn’t help falling in love with these booties each time I looked in the mirror! I can’t believe I even thought I could attend such a great launch and NOT buy anything!

Nine West Instyle 4

I decided to treat myself for working hard in school over the last year and splurged on the gorgeous Jaiden Booties! I always think a girl can never have too many black shoes! I really enjoy the unique way these booties are laced up in the front, and the zipper in the back makes them so easy to get on and off. The cut-outs make this bootie perfect for both warm and cool weather! I’m so glad they have a pointy toe because that will really help elongate my legs and make them look even sexier. I can’t wait to style them and share my outfits with you. When I look at them, I see “Rocker Chic.” They will be the perfect finishing touch for spicing up a date night outfit or for adding a sexy edge to a casual look. I have a feeling they will be in quite a few outfits this fall!

Nine West Instyle 6

We finished off our lovely evening with a mini-photoshoot.  Of course, I had to pick a slightly silly position for my picture!

Nine West Instyle 1

Nine West Instyle 2

There are so many great shoes for fall in this collection, and you definitely need to check them out! I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend, and Happy Shopping!

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How I Prolong The Wear Of My Affordable Clothes and Jewelry

Prolong Affordable Clothes and Jewelry

Prolong Affordable Clothes and Jewelry

I love finding affordable pieces to incorporate into my outfits, especially for the more trendy items of the season. One of the main concerns people commonly have about inexpensive clothes and jewelry is quality. Although the quality of bargain pieces might not be as good as that of designer products, there are definitely ways to help them last longer.

I have clothes from Forever 21, H&M, and Charlotte Russe that I’ve had for years, and I still wear them frequently. They have held up so well over the years, and although they don’t look brand new, they still look great.

I mainly focus on how I launder my clothes when I want to maintain their appearance and to increase their wear.

  1. If I am using a washing machine, I prefer the cold water setting to maintain color vibrancy and to help them keep their shape.
  2. I also hang my clothes to dry on laundry racks to prevent the shrinking and pilling that can occur when clothes are dried in a dryer.
  3. For delicate pieces, such as those with beads, sequins, or extra straps that can easily get destroyed in the washing machine, I hand wash them in cold water.

I realize that hand washing clothes can be a bit of a chore, but it really makes such a difference in how long you can continue wearing that item.  I still have a number of shirts in my closet that I cannot wear anymore because they have been ruined by the washing machine, for instance the beading has fallen off or the design was prone to getting caught and torn.

I also consider the style and the material when I decide between hanging my clothes in the closet and keeping them in a dresser. For clothes that wrinkle easily or have a cut that can get ruined by folding, I prefer to hang them in my closet. I usually keep my casual shirts and bottoms that are made with cotton or similar materials in my dresser.

Most of my favorite jewelry pieces are from budget-friendly places. I remember how upset I used to get when my favorite ring or necklace would turn black or make my skin green. Now, I am pretty vigilant about taking care of my jewelry to prevent those situations from happening again.

  1. I rub down all of my pieces, including earrings, after wear with a soft jewelry polishing cloth to remove any sweat or debris.
  2. I also remove all of my rings prior to washing my hands and all of my jewelry before showering.
  3. I store my bracelets and rings in a jewelry box with silica gel packets to decrease moisture.

I hope you find some of my tips and tricks helpful and that they work for you too! I would love to know if you liked these ideas, so leave a comment down below. I would also love to hear about your own tricks for maintaining your affordable pieces!

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Glad To Be Back

Excited To Be Back!

Excited To Be Back!

I’m so sorry I disappeared for a while! I had quite a bit to deal with in school and wasn’t able to keep up with my blog. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ve lost all of my old posts. I’m still working on trying to get them back.

I’ve made some changes to my blog design, and I’m excited to start all over with my lovely readers on this new adventure! I’ve missed you all, and I can’t wait to start putting up posts again. I have some great ideas in mind that I’m looking forward to sharing with you. I still plan on sharing my outfits, talking about fashion, and playing with beauty and hair on Tender Allure. I’ll be posting 2-3 times per week, more if I have time.

Thank you so much for all of your support and dedication to my blog. I hope you’ll stick around so I can get to know you!

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