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I am open to any ideas, love working with people on my blog, and enjoy discovering new things to share with others! If you have any questions, inquiries for reviews and/or giveaways, or sponsoring on Tender Allure, please contact me at TenderAllure@gmail.com or via the form below.


I value all of my readers, and your privacy is very important to me. All email addresses and names submitted in comment forms will never be sold, rented, or added to any mailings lists without your written consent.

All gifted items are disclosed on Tender Allure with “c/o”, and I always give my honest opinion about items that I receive. In some posts, Tender Allure partners with affiliate marketing programs to monetize content.

Please be thoughtful when you are using any images taken from my blog. If you decide to Pin, Tweet, Facebook, Blog, etc., please respect the time and effort I’ve put into the post and link back to the original content you found here.


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