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How To: Budgeting for Health Care

I wanted to share about something different today because while I love fashion and beauty, I still need to learn about other things that are important in life, such as financial planning and health insurance. Fortunately, I am healthy and I haven’t had to figure out how I would pay for an emergency.  I fully admit that I haven’t put aside money for an illness, and I have very little money in savings. I am still a full-time student, and I’m constantly aware of the amount of money I have invested into my education.  I am so excited to graduate this year, and hopefully, by that time, I will be ready to budget for any illnesses or injuries.

Running in Heels

Graduation Hats

According to a study based on the Aflac WorkForces Report, “72% of young workers at least somewhat agree they regularly underestimate the total cost of an injury or illness, including medical, household and out-of-pocket expenses.” Isn’t that surprising? Also, I recently learned that if you can’t pay unexpected medical bills, that could affect your creditworthiness, especially if you already have student loans. Even just missing one payment can affect your credit score, making it harder to buy a car or rent an apartment! Now that I have read about this, I’m definitely going to start saving some money for my health when I get a job. Click here if you’re interested in reading more statistics about financial planning.

I think it’s so important to consider health care expenses when you are making a financial plan. However, most importantly, I’ve realized that I need to read the fine print in the future! Apparently, nearly half of millenials admit they spent 30 minutes or less preparing for and selecting their benefits choices in 2013. It seems like if I take the time to read through all of the benefits choices and researching about them, I will be able to select a better plan that will prepare me for any future health issues. Aflac is a company that provides individual and group insurance products to supplement major health insurance plans. Their insurance policies help people focus on recovering from their health issue and relieve them of having to worry about paying their medical bill. They have cash benefits that can be used to pay for serious health problems, rent, groceries, and more.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you were able to learn something along with me!

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