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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring Tender Allure!

Tender Allure is a personal style and beauty blog that focuses on fashion, makeup, skin care, and more!  If you’re interested in reaching young, stylish women, sponsoring Tender Allure might be a great fit for you!  I love to share high quality fashion, beauty, and home products with my readers, and I would love to bring awareness to your brand.  I enjoy having a positive relationship with my readers, and I work to reply to their comments or emails in a timely manner.

I would just love to help you advertise your shop, your company, or your blog when you become a sponsor!  I give my sponsors top priority each month, and my goal is to always get you the exposure you deserve.  It’s all about you! I am excited to have you on my sidebar.  Feel free to email me at TenderAllure@gmail.com anytime to discuss sponsorship opportunities or purchase an ad!

Please email me at TenderAllure@gmail.com for my blog readership and social media statistics!

Would you like me to review your products?

I would be happy to wear or use your products and to post about them on my blog if I feel that the item would fit my personal style and my readers would be interested in it. I would prefer to choose an item, if possible, in exchange for a completely honest review of the product.  If I love your gift, it might appear in multiple blog posts (i.e. a review post and featured in outfit posts).  Product reviews are a great way to introduce new products to my readers.  To gain maximum exposure, I suggest providing an additional product for a giveaway (see giveaway details below).

Would you like me to host a giveaway of your products?

I am also happy to host a giveaway for any product(s) that my lovely readers would enjoy!  Everyone loves a giveaway, and it’s a great way to showcase your products to my readers.  I charge a fee of $15 to host and promote giveaways; you can pay for a giveaway down below.  If the giveaway is combined with a review, there is no fee.

Interested in a sponsored post or in-post advertising?

I would be happy to do a sponsored post or an in-post text link about an item/shop/brand as long as the subject fits within the scope of my blog. Please email me to discuss a specific rate.

Interested in purchasing an ad?

Money earned from ads helps me advertise on bigger blogs, which in turn brings more people to my site to view your ad!

In-Post Ad – This ad will be displayed in every written post within the 30 day period your ad is active for maximum exposure. Includes promotion via social media. Only 1 at a time.

Feature Space – 200 x 300 sidebar banner shown at the very top of the “Sponsors” sidebar, above large ads. Includes promotion via social media, an individual welcome post, and a monthly wrap-up sponsor post for maximum exposure. Runs for 30 days. Up to 3 shown at a time.

Large Ad Space – 200 x 200 sidebar banner above medium ads. Includes promotion via social media, a welcome to sponsors intro post, and a monthly wrap-up sponsor post. Runs for 30 days. Up to 6 shown at a time.

Medium Ad Space – 200 x 150 sidebar banner above small ads. Includes promotion via social media, a welcome to sponsors intro post, and a monthly wrap-up sponsor post. Runs for 30 days. Up to 10 shown at a time.

Small Ad Swap – 100 x 100 sidebar banner.  Absolutely free; email me at TenderAllure@gmail.com to arrange. Runs for 30 days. Up to 16 shown at a time.

Please email me for a discount if you’re interested in purchasing ad space for multiple months.

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*All ads must first be approved by me. I only approve ads that I feel would be beneficial for both parties.

Thank you for your continued support of my little blog.  I look forward to working with each and every one of you.


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